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“Who Am I?” Essay

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“Who Am I?”

--by Michael Cho
I wish I could write about the Michael Cho who stars in my Walter Mitty-like fantasies. If only my personal statement could consist of my name followed by such terms as Olympic athlete, master chef, boy genius, universal best friend, and Prince
Charming to every hopeful woman. These claims would be, at worst, outright lies, or
at best, gross hyperbole. My dreams, however, take their place alongside my memories, experiences, and genes in the palette that constitutes who I am.
Who am I? I am a product of my reality and my imagination. I am innately depraved, yet I am made perfect. I plan my day with the knowledge that “Everything is meaningless” ...view middle of the document...

Walt Whitman embraces this syncretism by stating, “Do I contradict myself? Very well
then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes).” My qualities, though
contradictory, define who I am.
Although I can’t make fantastic claims about myself, I must still acknowledge and
cherish the dreams that I have. Admittedly, it is tragic when one is so absorbed in
fantasy that he loses touch with reality. But it is equally tragic when one is so
absorbed in reality that ho loses the ability to dream. When a healthy amount of
reality and fantasy are synthesized, the synergy is such that something beautiful
will undoubtedly result. ANALYSIS
This applicant addresses the proverbial question of “Who Am I?” In doing so, he expresses, both implicitly and explicitly, his hobbies, extracurricular activities, and
outlook on life. The writer not only reveals his participation in wrestling, work at a
nursing home, and knowledge of Quantum Mchanics, but he also exposes the reader
to many aspects of his personality and inner thoughts on life. His questioning of the meaning of life and evaluation of his own identity reveal an inquisitive side to his personality.
Overall, this essay is well written and easy to read. The introduction is strong in that the applicant levels with admission officer by admitting he does not consider himself
to be a spectacular individual, giving the impression that what follows is written

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