Which Of The Following Techniques/Skills Is Most Important To You While Studying/Learning: Note Taking, Memory Techniques, Listening Skills, Or Reading Skills? Explain

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As I have learned there are many different techniques and studying skills a student may possess or learn to adapt to. As a visual spatial learner, I have noticed that when I map my notes for papers this technique is easier for me. Letting my thought process flow and combining all my thoughts together later. Should I have to study for a test or quiz, I would use flash cards using the outline method.
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As I read the article the Importance of Listening the author suggested writing down notes to recall information given to you earlier. As a Leader of Soldiers also supervising my own shop there is always new information and Soldiers having issues. There are times where I will be in a zone with so many things going on at once and decisions being made very quickly. When being spoken to I will zone out and listen for key words and ask questions in between to react accordingly. If I do not hear anything of importance then I will ask the person to repeat themselves and then listen to what they have to say and go from there. When it comes to Soldiers listening is critical you have to listen to Soldiers issues and problems. I have learned to be an active listener by asking certain questions in between conversation to get the full scope of the issue so I can better understand and assist them.
Hence techniques and skills for learning can be very critical to a student’s learning experience. He or she would have to learn what works best for them, either expand on the suggestions given in the text or continue to do what works best for them

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