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1.1 Company Profile
PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Persero), or referred to as "Telkom", is the largest telecommunications services company in Indonesia. Formerly, Telkom known as Perumtel which then transformed into a limited liability company since November 1991. Telkom is a state-owned enterprise that operates in the telecommunications and network services sector in Indonesia. Given its status as a state-owned enterprise whose shares are traded on the stock market, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is the Company’s majority shareholder about 52,6%, while the remainder of the Company’s common stock is owned by the public about 47,4. Telkom’s shares are ...view middle of the document...

Telkom International (Telin)
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International or Telin, is an Indonesian carrier services and investment company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telkom. It is an international telecommunication business serves as Telkom's business arms in managing and developing its business lines outside of Indonesia.
Telkom Metra
PT Multimedia Nusantara (Telkom Metra), is an Indonesian company established in 2003, is a subsidiary of Telkom with a majority of 100% of its shares owned by Telkom.
Metra positioned as a Strategic Investment Company with a view to strengthening the pillars of Telkom's new wave businesses that focus on the industry of Information, Media and Edutainment (IME).
Telkom Infra
Telkom Infra is a company wholly owned by Telkom which specialized in the field of infrastructure services. Formed on January 23, 2014, the establishment of Telkom Infra is also a strategy structuring and optimization of Telkom Indonesia.

1.2 Corporate Values
Telkom corporate culture is embodied in "The Telkom Way", which is the belief system and the reference values for all employees of Telkom.

Image 1.1
The Telkom Way Corporate Value

The Telkom Way contains 3P three core elements :
Philosophy to be the Best: Always The Best
Philosophy Always the Best is the basic belief that contains basic philosophies for the whole range of Telkom to be the best being.
Principles to be the Star: Solid-Speed-Smart (3S)
Principles to be the Star, which is the core value that contains the basic principles to be the star being. Principle to be the Star contains three core values called 3S: Solid, Speed, Smart. Solid is the realization of one heart (pure heart), one mind, and one action. Solid is an interpretation of the first elemets Always the Best, namely integrity.
Speed is to act rapidly in every job. Speed is an interpretation of the second elements Always the Best, namely enthusiasm. Smart is to behave, to think, and to act intelligently in every job through sharp intuition, the course of ratio through creativity and innovation that produces breakthrough, and the course of body through impressive actions. Smart is the interpretation of the third elements of Always the Best, namely totality.
Practices to be the Winner: Imagine-Focus-Action
Practices to be the Winner are standard behaviors that contain noble practices to become a winner being. Practices to be the winner containing standards of behavior : Imagine - Focus - Action.

1.3 Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals
Vision : Be the King of Digital in the Region
Mission : Lead Indonesian Digital Innovation & Globalization
Strategic Objective :
1. Top 10 Market Capitalization Telco in Asia-Pacific by 2020
2. Achieve IDR 650 Tn EV
3. Aspiring to maximize efforts by organic and inorganic actions as a path to reach IDR 1.000 Tn EV

1.4 Products & Services
Corresponding to the Article of Association, Telkom’s main business is telecommunication...

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