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What Would You Consider To Be The Greatest Sports Film Ever Made? Explain Your Reasoning In Film Review Form. If You Wrote An Essay On This Film, Don’t Answer This Question

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Coach carter has always left a ever lasting impression on me because of the hard work and dedication displayed by coach Ken Carter. In 1999, Carter became a coach in his old high school located in Richmond, CA. The high school is surrounded by poverty and violence from gangs in surrounding areas. Little did Carter know he became a coach for a basketball ...view middle of the document...

Carter wanted the maximum commitment from his team, he decided to create a contract that states that the boys will have to do things that they were never used to. The contract entails that the boys will have to show respectful behavior, dress in a professional manner, and obtain sufficient grades in order to stay apart of the team.

He realized that his team was failing to meet the requirements of the contract in regards to grades and takes immediate action and cancels all team activities and locks the court until the grades prove otherwise from all members of the team.

Carter was determined to better the future of every single boy on that team as long as they showed dedication to improve. He wants the boys to not only be the best in basketball but also the best in their future by making sure they do everything he asks of them listed in the contract.

The amount of passion and dedication Carter displayed, has made this movie the best sports movie.

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