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What Was The Lovell Rebellion Essay

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The Lovell rebellion was led by Francis Lovell, Humphrey and Thomas Stafford all were noblemen who had prospered under Richard III as they also fought for him in the Battle of Bosworth which was in 1485. This was the first unsuccessful Yorkist challenge to Henry VII; their plan was to raise troops in 1486 and to kill the King as he was on his Royal progress.
Firstly, Lovell and the Stafford Brothers left their sanctuary in Colchester, with Lovell heading north while Humphrey and Thomas Stafford went west where they had planned to seize Worchester. Before getting to Worchester, the Stafford’s established contact with those in the district but as an they were attained it was unlikely they would be able t gain support so they spread that Henry VII had pardoned them with forged ...view middle of the document...

The Stafford brothers were warned by Richard Burdett of Henry VII’s force and the fled to Bewdley, only just missing being captured by Thomas Cokesy. Next they travelled from there to Culham in Oxfordshire. This in when they fled into sanctuary, when John Savage attacked Humphrey and Thomas’s sanctuary with 60 men. Therefore these events show the rebellion wasn’t planned properly and not even those involved thought it would work which is why the rebellion fail.
As a consequence of the rebellion the Stafford’s wanted to use the violation of their sanctuary to their defence and the case was brought to court on June 20th but adjourned till the 28th. Although the decision wasn’t easy Henry VII made his intentions clear and it was ruled the sanctuary could not be pleaded in cases of Treason. This meant that Humphrey, the older brother, was condemned to be executed on July 5th but his younger brother Thomas was pardoned. Additionally, Sir John Conyers was suspected to be involved in the rebellion and lost his stewardship and had a £2000 bond imposed. The abbot of Abingdon had secured sanctuary for the Stafford brothers so face a £3000 bond. Lastly, there was protests towards the Pope about breaking the sanctuary but this resulted in a Papal bull which limits the rights of sanctuary and excludes it cases of treason which justified the Kings actions.
Overall, the rebellion failed because Lovell ditched their plans and fled to Burgundy which stopped all chances of it becoming successful and because Henry VII had overall support. The rebellion showed that Henry was strong in dealing with revolts against him and that many were happy with the new king so provided supported. Although, there was still Yorkist support in England.

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