What Other Forces Are At Play In Colortech’s Phoenix Office That May Be Affecting Richardson’s Ability To Lead And Motivate Her Team?

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What other forces are at play in ColorTech’s Phoenix office that may be affecting Richardson’s ability to lead and motivate her team? What motivation or leadership could Richardson apply to help improve the performance of her team?
When a new manager fit into a spot in an unfamiliar environment, there are several conflicts with the employees in a frustrating situation that the manager has to control and change, such as Melissa Richardson, who got promoted and worked in a new company with several uncontrollable employees and problems. The negative impacts on ColorTech’s performance that Richardson has to solve with the effort put by her employees are (1) greenhouse woes, (2) the surprise ...view middle of the document...

Chelsea Peterson may have strong feelings of inequity about how Richardson chooses a new account rep. More importantly, Peterson has seriously distorted Richardson’s opinion. In this case, Richardson first needs to clearly explain that the outcome, which is sales position as Ruiz desires, relies heavily on the performance according to Vroom’s expectancy theory and Idealized Influence. Additionally, Adam’s equity theory of motivation is applied to support the reward system or competition in ColorTech at the same time. By applying these theories, Richardson herself also needs to exhibit a fair leadership behavior to influence employees’ perceptions of justice.
With Inspirational Motivation, Richardson articulates a future vision that is appearing and clear to Sarah Vega who is often late or absent, unfocused and distracted by events outside of work. Richardson first needs to analyze her own set of beliefs and values, such as the reason why always being late or absent, thus developing an appropriate motivation to inspire her to reach the vision. At the same time, Richardson can also try to give her speeches including an attractive perspective of future. The goal is to inspire her factual vision to follow the optimal goal spontaneously because they like to do so. Finally, apply Individualized Consideration to teach her how to overcome the challenges with high standards.
Gregorio Torres, whose sales numbers were low with the company and lower than previous year, may need to get training program to make more...

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