What Motivates You To Study? Essay

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I want to be a health inspector, and I want to protect people's health and safety. I can't picture myself doing anything else with my life.

To reach my ultimate goal, I need to go to grad school. To get into grad school, I need good grades. To get good grades, I need to study until I'm sure I'm doing my best work.
If I do not study, I am far away to attempts my achievement to my future goals. That's a really stupid idea, if you ask me.

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Refusing to study, which translates into refusing to try is a massive waste of a lot of things, my time, my money, and a space at the school that somebody else with more drive and enthusiasm could have taken. I do not like to waste things.

I do have a bit of a competitive streak. I don't have to be THE BEST, but I'm always trying to beat my own scores. If I get a 3.5 one semester, I try to one - up myself the next. The goal I'm always reaching for, of course, is that 4.0.

Studying is genuinely fun and rewarding for me. I like feeling like I know something, as well as the feeling that comes with remembering material I haven't seen in a while. I like helping people who are struggling in a class I've already completed feel the same way I did when it clicked.

I think it's unrealistic (and a disappointment) to go to college expecting to learn through osmosis. Sitting in class, doing the bare minimum on assignments, taking the tests, and putting in no effort outside of what's required to pass does not make good scientists, teachers, writers, engineers, psychologists, historians, or any other type of professional you could think of. Craving knowledge and understanding as if it were chocolate, however, will.

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