What Makes People Happy Essay

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1. Give an outline of what makes people happy and what does not, as expressed in the three texts.
Has our pursuit and fascination for the healthy thin body types turned real healthy bodies into a disease? In the article “Can you be fat and healthy” by David Jacobs, Professor of epidemiology tells us that even fat people can be healthy. He says that According to data from the nonprofit Cooper Institute in Dallas. Being overweight and very active physically is healthier than being thin and sedentary. As an example from the article, we hear about Bliss who weighs nearly 200 pounds with a body mass index higher than 35, which is obesity she is healthy. Another view is in the article “A weight ...view middle of the document...

Most people think it is important how good they look and what others think about them. It makes them exercise very hard to get that perfect body. Physical attractiveness creates a halo effect. The halo effect is a specific type of confirmation bias, wherein positive feelings in one-area cause ambiguous or neutral traits to be viewed positively. People assumes that what is beautiful is good. Physically attractive people assumes to possess positive attributes such as intelligence, success, balance and confidence. On the other hand, physically attractive people also assumes to be vain. Attractive persons seems to have more friends than less attractive persons. That might be a self-fulfilling prophecy to the extent that other people value people because of their attractiveness. Therefore, those “judged” attractive will have more friends. The more people you know the higher your popularity and thus a bigger increase in getting success with either work or happiness or both.
Write an article (150-200 words) for your school website in which you discuss whether or not...

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