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What Makes A Winner Essay

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BOOK TITLE : What Makes a Winner – Book2
AUTHOR’S NAME : Robert J. Tamasy
Rick Warren and other contributors

Type of Book/Genre : Inspirational Book

Descirption/Brief Summary:
One topic discussed in the book is about Leadership and noted that a Good Leader Should be a Good Shepherd. Reading on this book, I marvelled at the important role of the shepherd plays, guiding helpless, defenceless sheep that generally cannot fend for themselves. It’s interesting that in many ways, to maximize the productivity of a company and its people, a good leader should also be a dependable, responsible shepherd. Leaders who serve as shepherds are known for having (1) Unwavering Commitment (2) ...view middle of the document...

The top five responses were the ability to:
* Motivate people to get involved (87%)
* Negotiate a compromise when there is conflict (78%)
* Identify the correct course of action to take (77%)
* Make decisions which are in the best interests of the people, even if those decisions might not be popular (76%)
* Train and develop other leaders to help (75%)

By comparison, the effective leader recognizes that positional authority is meaningless without the willing support and cooperation of his staff. If you are a leader and want willing subjects who sill enthusiastically follow you into the many battles of the workplace, remember what it requires to get them there. A strong leader motivates others; negotiates conflicts skilfully; charts a clear, well-conceived course of action; seeks and serves the people’s best interests, and develops future leaders.

Employers who reminded to be stewards of those who work for them, to encourage and assist them in their responsibilities, and not to seek increased productivity through threats or unreasonable pressure. When a positive, mutually supportive environment is established, work output and worker satisfaction grow.

Book Review :
“What Makes a Winner – Book 2 is a much-needed book for our times, full of biblical and personal insights for making...

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