What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

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What Kind of Thinker Are You?

Can you come up with the correct answer or solution? In this course ( HUM/111- Critical and Creative Thinking) will help you. Since I started this course in December 2012, nine weeks ago this course has helped me become a critical thinker. I have learned what is critical thinking, I can tell you the most significant things I learned about critical thinking and how my critical thinking has changed since this course, and I can reevaluate my stage of development in critical thinking, explain to you why this change has occurred, and how I plan to move from stage five: Advanced thinking to stage 6: Master Thinking.

First week we learned, what is critical thinking? Critical thinking is a mental process of reviewing clear, rational thoughts based on evidence to reach an answer or conclusion. Critical thinking helps you distinguish between fact and opinion, ask questions, make ...view middle of the document...

Critical thinking is hard intellectual work. Critical thinking is an intellectual skill that can be learned and improved. All reasoning, thinking, learning: starts and progresses with questions and a need to understand, occurs within points of views, and frames of reference, proceeds from some goals and objectives, has an informational base; uses data/information that must be interpreted and this interpretation involves concepts, values, assumptions, past knowledge, inferences, bias, etc. My critical thinking has changed since this course, I developed away to look beyond the obvious and discover a deeper and more important meaning. I invest more time and examine the information or a situation from different angles whenever I hear or see something about that I have little or no knowledge of.

Now the last nine weeks, I can reevaluate my stage of development in critical thinking, explain why this change has occurred and tell you how I plan to move from current stage of development in critical thinking to stage six; Master thinking. Whenever I first started this course in December, I was in stage four: Practicing thinker. I was at stage four because thinkers at that stage had a sense of the habits to develop to take charge of their thinking. Now nine weeks later, the end of this course; I can put myself at stage 5: The Advanced Thinker, now I have the ability to recognize ignorance and prejudice in my thinking; I have advanced with practice in this course. I have developed with new fundamental habits of thought based on deep values. For myself to get to stage six: Master Thinking, I will have to make critical thinking intuitive in every domain of my life and continue developing new insights into problems at deeper levels of thought.

I have learned tremendously in this course (HUM/111- Critical and Creative Thinking), now at the end of it I have the knowledge in thinking, I have skill in thinking to monitor my own thoughts, I can articulate my strengths and weaknesses in my thinking. Whenever I try to figure something out : I have a purpose, I ask questions, get information, or a point of view. I begin to see connections between all the subject matter that I have learned.

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