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What Is The Difference Between Web Based Email Architecture And Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Based Two Tier Client Server Architecture

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Data Networks
Assignment #1 – Value 30 points

Both parts of the assignment (A and B) should be included in one, single Word file. Please put your last name at the beginning of the name of that file (ex: ‘name Assignment 1.docx)

Part A:
Part A - Assignment Scenario:

Read the scenario ‘Deals-R-Us Brokers (Part 2)’ on pages 66-67 of the text. Based on the scenario, create the deliverables listed below.
Fred Jones, a distant relative of yours and president of Deals-R-Us Brokers (DRUB), has come to you for advice.
DRUB is a small brokerage house that enables its clients to buy and sell stocks over the Internet, as well as
place traditional orders by phone or fax. DRUB has just decided to install a new email package. One vendor is offering an SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).-based two-tier client-server ...view middle of the document...

a) Write a memo to Fred that explains the differences between the two options. Be sure to explain the difference in terms Fred will understand, since he does not know much about technology or networks.
b) In the memo outline the pros and cons of the two alternatives and make a recommendation to Fred.

Part B:

Part B - Assignment Scenario:

Read the ‘Accurate Accounting’ scenario on page 67. One day, Diego sends you an email with the questions below. Using information in the textbook AND additional research, write an email answer to Diego. Be sure to tell Diego what other sources you used to find your information.

Part B - Questions:

a) Why can’t IM work as simply as e-mail?
b) Will the new videoconferencing software and hardware work as simply as e-mail, or will it be IM all over again?

Assignment Evaluation Criteria:
Criteria | Points |
Part A Recommended Solution: * Recommended solution makes business sense for given scenario * Recommended solution is well supported by the memo * Recommended solution illustrates knowledge of topics in book, class and other readings * Recommended solution demonstrates ability to combine knowledge of class topics and discussions to address problems and answer questions | 10 |
Part A Memo: * Writing is clear and easy to understand * Memo is suitable for use in real-life * Explanation is thorough without being too lengthy * Explanation demonstrates knowledge of topic areas studied to date | 5 |
Part B * Each question is addressed * Each answer is clear, understandable and reasonable * Explanation and discussion of each answer illustrates knowledge of topics in book, class and other readings * Explanation and discussion demonstrate ability to combine knowledge of class topics to address problems and answer questions * Additional sources were used besides the textbook to inform the answer provided | 15 |
Total Points | 30 |

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