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What Is A Worldview? Essay

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I. Part One: What is a worldview?

There are many definitions of a worldview. The first that comes to mind is how a person views the world. This if partially correct but there are many other definitions. With that said you can define a worldview as a persons philosophy of life due to how our thoughts are organized.

II. Part Two: The biblical/Christian Worldview.

1. The Question of Origin----

If you ask this question to the average person you would get many different answers. There are those who believe that mankind developed from nature. They feel that we are not here due to the creation of God. Then there are those who believe that everything may ...view middle of the document...

However, the Christian view is that the purpose of mankind is to know and develop an intimate relationship with God (John 17:3). Other religions interpret this view with great variations. An example of this would be that Judaism teaches that man is to love the Lord (Deuteronomy 11:13).

4. The Question of Morality----

When it comes to the question of morality most people believe that the world has none. Biblically people believe that we are born sinners. We knowingly “eat the forbidden fruit” daily as Adam did that day in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). Mankind cannot save himself. Man needs salvation by the grace of God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It only works if mankind follows true salvation (Ephesians 2: 8-10).

5. The Question of Destiny----

Christians believe in one of two destinies. When a person dies they will either walk with God for eternity in Heaven (Revelation 21:1-7) or they will burn in the fire of eternal damnation in Hell (Revelation 20: 11-15). Christians feel that their salvation helps in their good work. A lot of Christians might say that their salvation lead to a change of heart regarding their views. They feel the more good they do the closer to God they are and that their life on earth will be...

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