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What Is A Volcano Essay

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1. What is a volcano?
A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in the surface or crust of the Earth or a planetary mass object, which allows hot lava, volcanic ash and gases to escape from the magma chamber below the surface.

2. How is volcano formed?
Volcanoes form when hot material from below rises and leaks into the crust. This hot material, called magma, comes either from a melt of subducted crustal material, and which is light and buoyant after melting, or it may come from deeper in the interior of a planet and is light and buoyant because it is very hot.

3. What are the kinds of volcano according to shapes and activity?
A. Kinds of volcano according to shapes:
a. ...view middle of the document...

Deformation of the surrounding land such as an increase in height.
2. Increased seismic activity (small earthquakes and tremors).
3. Increased production of volcanic gases.
4. Animals act nervous or begin to migrate away from the eruption zone

5. What are some instrument used to predict volcanic eruption?
1. Seismographs – record seismic activity in volcanic regions as predictors of
volcanic activity.
2. GPS – record the rise and fall in surface features which may indicate a possible building og magmatic pressure underground.
3. A strainmeter - is used to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions by the coordinated use of the seismometer to detect the earthquake's or eruption's underground vibrations or shock waves that the seismograph records.

6. What are some types of volcanic eruptions?
a. Magmatic eruptions - which involve the decompression of gas within magma that propels it forward. 
b. Phreatomagmatic eruptions -  are another type of volcanic eruption, driven by the compression of gas within magma, the direct opposite of the process powering magmatic activity.
c. Phreatic eruption - which is driven by the superheating of steam via contact with magma; these eruptive types often exhibit no magmatic release, instead causing the granulation of existing rock.

7. Safety precaution during the eruption
a. Follow the directions of authorities.
b. Take your family emergency kit and evacuate.
c. Evacuate to an area upwind rather than downwind if possible.
d. When evacuating, if you are in a valley, or close to a stream, or crossing a bridge, check upstream for mudflows. A mud flow is extremely heavy and can destroy a bridge quickly. Take a different route or get to high ground quickly - mudflows can...

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