What I Want To Be Essay

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Vladimir Duverger
January 16, 2015
MF (11:55-1:15 PM)
Professor Barbara Johnson

Where Am I, Where I Want to Go and
What I Want to Be

To begin, I will be starting this essay by saying right now I’m very content with where I am in life. Of course there’s always room for some improvement, but where I am right now I’m pretty content with being a working student who’s kind’ve scatter brained but has so many ideas in my head and dreams to achieve. Where I want to go, I really want to possibly be in a different state or even downtown Miami. Somewhere where I can branch out a little more and be way more adventurous, ...view middle of the document...

I have a social life, and a great group of friends and I’m in a happy time at age 21. Although, I wish I could of course be exceeding a little more that’s what school is for! And attending school is another thing that I’m happy with, because without it I’d probably be extremely bored at home and putting my brain to no good use.
Continuing on, where I want to go I’d love to be downtown in a few years from now or even in California. And I say this because I’d love to branch out and tackle a different area. I’m so used to living in Miami Lakes, and it being very family orientated and a city where everybody knows everybody, and I’d enjoy moving elsewhere where everything is a bit bigger and there are variations of things. California is the home of big lights and big dreams, and even downtown Florida kind’ve has shades of New York City.
And finally, where I want to be? I really want to be a television correspondent for like MTV or E! some where I can talk about pop culture. Which I enjoy very much, being a huge fan of popular culture and studying in journalism, I’d even love to write for a magazine that focuses around pop culture such as V Magazine or even like Rolling Stone. Whatever it is, I’d just love to be somebody established. Even managing a celebrity and their image, would be where I want to be. Anything surrounding entertainment would be my ideal “being” in a couple of years.

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