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What I S Facebook Essay

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Facebook is one of website which facilities communication. By facebook, people become easy to communicate withFacebook is one of website which facilities communication. By facebook, people become easy to communicate with their friend. Moreover, facebook can be accessed for all ages. For example, using facebook becomes a lifestyle for teenagers. Almost ...view middle of the document...

If they don’t have facebook, their other friends will say you are old-fashion people.
I disagree, because it destroys your real social life and if you are not careful, you can pick up all kinds of viruses and also it is not nearly as private as they like to believe.
1) Facebook can be easy addicting. It is addicting which often kills to your valuable time.
2) Fake profile and id. Now it has becomes easier to create fake profile. People often uses fake profile insults and harassing someone it is more common against girls where people simply make a fake profile and start harassing them. For example, I recently I heard news that some girls died by suicide when someone abused her making a fake profile of her.
3) Facebook often brings bad effects on student result.
4) False report. Many people lost their precious facebook ID because of false report.

Be careful who you friend and have a strong FB passwords because it is a favourite site to hack.

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