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What Have I Learned Through This Online Class?

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What Have I Learned?

Discovering and choosing a online program that fulfills all of my needs was a rigorous yet exciting task. The penn foster clearly emerged as the best choice for me and I, as a great match comparatively with other high school programs. After visiting the website, reading the information pamphlet, and researching the online high school program Web site, I realize that penn foster offers what I hope to gain from my college experience. In return, I will contribute to the penn foster as a person with leadership qualities who takes initiative and enjoys participating in school events.
Through this course, I have learned about everything that I need to succeed in my life. ...view middle of the document...

We all grew up in different areas with different friends and role models. These role models and friends have a great effect on the way we perceive things. Many little girls grow up with there moms and dads telling them how special their bodies are and that they should only share this special gift with there husband. On the other hand little boys receive praise when they get there first date, kiss, etc. Is it either of our faults that we think the way we do? No, it is just the way we have been taught.

To sum up what I have learned about Philosophy, I believe that in order to analyze this or any Philosophical question I should be clear on the key terms of the question. I have also learned that there are many different people with very different Philosophies, and that we should not be to quick to judge others Philosophy. We have all had many different life experiences that cause us to think the way we do, and we are not to blame if they are different than others.
This was what influened me a lot the philosophy, from any other electives course and general education courses because, I understood the real philosophy of life. All other courses, I learned alot, but somehow,...

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