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What Happened To All The Manuals

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What Happened to all the Manuals?
Chuck Eberhart
January 13, 2014
Glen Jenson

What Happened to all the Manuals?
The first thing I thought of for this assignment was a video game manual. I went to grab a game and take a look, and was disappointed with what I found. I thought for sure there would be more information in an online manual, but I was wrong. It seems over the past several years that the amount of information has seriously declined when it comes to video game manuals. I’ve been a gamer since my original Nintendo system in the early parts of 1990, and I’ve seen a sharp decline in the amount of information that is provided in game manuals. I have picked 2 different game manuals from different eras ...view middle of the document...

The only plus I could find about the Call of Duty is that it had a table of contents, something that Mario was lacking. It has a very basic explanation of the menu screen and the different game options given. Anyone that has played the Call of Duty series knows there are several more game options in the sub-menus that aren’t listed. Most of the manual for CoD is warnings and licensing agreements. The organization of both manuals is very good, starting at the point of making sure to turn the system on, followed by a picture of the controllers and a description of the buttons. The Mario manual, being much more in depth, is still organized in a way that would make things a bit easier to find, even with the lack of a table of contents. Punctuation and grammar in each manual is very professional, as I would expect for a manual that has probably gone through over a dozen people before the final print. The Mario manual does something unique in that it shows pictures right in the text. When the manual refers to the control pad, there is a small picture of the control pad so the user can have that visual reference.
I was the kind of kid that would have the manual for a new game read at least twice by the time I got home so that I would know exactly what I was getting into. I’m not entirely sure why the style of a video game manual has changed greatly (and for the worse), but the lack of information in today’s game manuals is something that almost upsets me. The price of video games has gone up while the quality of manuals has gone down.


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