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What Company Can Benefit From Shared Value And Why?

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For example I came across an article about how Starbucks, the worlds largest coffee company leveraged strategic CSR initiatives to gain competitive advantage to secure premium coffee from Etiopia and gain successful market access into India. Starbucks faced the risk of losing Starbucks Fair Trade coffee market share in the long-run. As a solution to this problem Starbucks developed partnerships to invest in coffee farmers in Ethiopia. As a result coffee ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the farmer’s standard of living also increased thus integrating business value and social progress.
Secondly Starbucks when aiming to make a market entry in India adopted a India-specific CSR strategy to raise the domestic coffee industry to Starbucks standards and thus gain the government approval to enter the India market. Starbucks’s inital attempts to enter the Indian market had failed due to lack of political support, however with this startegic CSR startegy Starbucks was able to gain the local government support. It worked with Conservation International and the Coffee Board to raise coffee farmers to C.A.F.E. and Fair Trade standards and thus not only secured market entry but also secured local coffee supply thus reducing costs. It created a win-win situation as the farmers benefited as well and the initiatives raised their standard of living.
That said the article also lists a number of examples of companies like Johnson and Johnson, Coca Cola, Nestle, Walmart, Microsoft etc who have adopted startegic CSR and created win-win situations for business and society. Indeed this is the emerging most desired direction of CSR every company should adopt.

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