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What Attributes Are Required Of An Undercover Officer?

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What attributes are required of an undercover officer?
Be a US citizen or a resident alien, have a high school diploma or GED. Pass the ASVAB test; you’re not a convicted felon. Have experience working as a law officer, and undercover training.
Do you believe you would make a good undercover officer? Why or why not?
I believe I would make a good undercover officer because; I always wanted to be a cop really a detective officer since I was ten. So I know I will put my all in it do my best. All I watch is criminal shows and I try solving the case like the officers.
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If there was a gender issue I believe it would be a male officer being a prostitute, or a female officer may be too little.
Should undercover officers be armed?
Yes for their safety they should be arm. On other hand it depend what undercover job he or she may be doing because it may raise concern with the criminal and start question the officer.
Should undercover officers wear body mikes whenever they are undercover?
I do not think it’s smart to wear body mike undercover the criminal would be wondering why the officer wearing it, and may even do pat downs.
Should undercover officers be allowed to break minor laws to obtain the confidence of the targets?
I believe they could and should to prove they are one of them.
How far should an undercover officer go? What are the factors? List at least five.
An undercover officer should go as far as his captain let him/her go. to get a conviction.
Get evidence, get witnesses that know the truth about the criminal, Get reliable leads, and warrants.
My opinion

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