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What Are You Talking About Essay

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"Ethics in Organizational Behavior" Please respond to the following:
The decision to terminate an employee requires more information than what is given. The overall culture of the attitude towards the employee, how they interact, fit in, encourage or discourage their co-workers, and the overall dynamic of their presence in the organization.
 By keeping the more motivated employees, that usually is comprised of the younger generation of the employee pool
• Considering I have to answer the question I will provide explanations for both being “let go.”  If the company is looking to keep young energetic employees, and might be planning on ...view middle of the document...

  Then the company is finding itself having to rehire. Mary will be there for the long haul, she has family very steady employee at mid-40s. 
So like I said in first paragraph, I would need more information in order to make a decision.
•From the scenario, determine the level of emphasis that organizations should place on ensuring that layoff decisions are ethical and legal. Propose ways for organizations to achieve the goal of ethical and legal layoffs.
An organization needs to have policies written by lawyers and upper management in order to not have a layoff or firing backfire.  For example, some companies have a “zero tolerance” policy enacted for no smoking on the premises.  If a person goes outside has a cigarette, the company has the right to fire that employee.  The person who goes out for the cigarette needs to be aware of the rule.  If he or she is not aware of the rule, the company could be at the very least get bad PR.  The employee could go to the press or hire a lawyer and possibly get back pay until he or she finds a new job. 
Ethically a company needs to keep employees aware of the rules as well.  Also if the company plans on laying off an employee; they should not just leave a note in the employee’s mailbox.  They need to sit down face to face and talk about the former employees options.  So along with making the laws and rules apparent to the employees; the company needs to use their best practices when firing or laying off an employee. 

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