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What Are The Main Types Of Agency That Organisations Use In Recruitment? What Are Their Major Costs And Benefits?

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What are the main types of agency that organisations use in recruitment? What are their major costs and benefits?

I. Introduction

This essay examines the major cost and benefits of the main types of agencies, that organisations use in recruitment. In first part I will explain background of the market. Then I will move on to explain each of the types of agency used in recruitment. After that I will carefully examine their major costs and benefits and as a conclusion I will explain where I see a future of the recruitment market, supported by my arguments for the strongest type of market.

II. Background

One of the ways how the company can attract potential employee is to advertise ...view middle of the document...

The UK has a long tradition in welcoming the migrants and many times was this particular question raised: why not to open the country to people, instead to spend a money on refugee camps and prolonged administration with work permits at Home Office. We know that migrants workers can help to the ageing population of UK, as they help to fill the vacancies in sectors such as fishing, catering, NHS etc. However some temp agencies are profiting from offering illegal contracts to these workers, but that I will explain later..

The agencies in UK do not have an obligation to register with official body or be audited, what jeopardise the good name of market. One can see is hard to recognize good agencies when they are not legally entitled to be audited. However the good agency should be a member of the REC and the owner of the accreditations such as Investor in People and ISO9000. Also The Agency Workers Directive AWD should help to utilise all regulations under one and make the auditing much easier. (, 2006).
The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2004 EAA regulation is aimed to safeguard the right of work seekers, interest and needs of the recruitment industry. It came into force in 2004 after 27years of little innovation in recruitment industry. Between else agencies lost their right to charge additional fees to the agencies, which led to wholesale shift in contractor legal arrangements away from contractors being employed towards contractors being employees. (, 2006)

They are many different types of agencies. Nowadays the borders between them have become more blurred, so is hard to distinguish between them as they have similar features. Main types are the government agencies such as Jobcentre and Connexions directory who offer their services for free and the commercial agencies, who offer their services on a fee basis.

III. The government agencies

Jobcentre Plus is a leading government executive agency supporting people of working age from welfare into the work, and helping employers to fill their vacancies. It was launched in 2002 and its main aims are to offer integrated services such as: to give opportunity unemployed to find their job between around 400,000 weekly updated available jobs on the database, supply employees with labour and those waiting improve their chances by providing information how to further enhance their skills, and providing benefits. The Jobcentre website remains the N1 recruitment site, with market share of 13%.( ).

Major benefits are: that is free for everyone (employer and potential employee), easy to access via telephone, in person in its thousands centres and through their website online. Also it respects the civil rights and offers an equal opportunity to all, regardless race, status, health or age. Moreover it operates at local, national and international level. So if you are short of money...

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