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Wgu Kot Task 2 Essay

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Mr. Davis is eligible for COBRA coverage. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Recovery Act (COBRA) was passed by congress in 1986. This act allows former employees, their spouses, and their dependent children who were previously covered under their employers group health insurance plan to temporarily continue coverage after their employment has ended. To meet qualifications for continued coverage the employer must have had at least 20 employees, and the employee cannot loose their job as a result of gross misconduct. The type of qualifying event, or the reason the employee lost their job will determine how long COBRA coverage can be continued. Mr. Davis's employers have 30 days to notify ...view middle of the document...

With more people out of work there will be less tax revenue to support Medicaid and more people who depend on it to cover their often astronomical healthcare costs. This relationship of less in more out is not sustainable and is creating billions of dollars of deficit. In an attempt to reduce this healthcare spending deficit states and local governments are having to make budget cuts in other areas of spending and increase taxes on the already finically strapped citizens. Another challenge states and local governments are facing is the rapidly increasing incident of chronic illnesses. The American people are becoming less active and more unhealthy with each year that passes. In 2009 more than 133 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic illness compared to 90 million people in 1999, only 10 years difference. The increasing incident of chronic illness puts an even larger strain on the states and local governments to provide healthcare to more and more people. I think that the states should implement programs that encourage health promotion and education. The largest incidence of preventable chronic illness is among people of low socioeconomic status. If these people are taught how to live more healthy and provided a means to do so I believe the country as a whole would see a decline in chronic health conditions. People of lower socioeconomic status do not have the financial resources available to join a gym or buy fresh fruits and vegetables and many do not know how to care for their chronic diseases such as diabetes properly. My company has instituted a Healthsmart program in an effort to lower their health coverage costs by improving the health of their employees. In this program we are provided a free health screening every year and we are given recommendations on how to improve or maintain our current state of health. Throughout the year we log activities such as education classes and exercise programs we have participated in. Points are assigned for these activities and if we reach the goals set during or health screening we are given a $300.00 check and an additional $300.00 off of our insurance premiums for the next year. If people are involved in maintaining and improving their health and see some benefit to doing so we could expect to see a decline in preventable chronic health conditions. This is not an overnight solution to balancing the healthcare budget, but the current trends of ever increasing rates of chronic illness must be reversed or we are unlikely to ever generate enough money needed to cover healthcare costs.

Given the challenges with the healthcare system in the U.S. today, Mr. Davis wonders if he could receive better healthcare in a country such as Great Britain, Japan, Germany, or Switzerland. I will start with Great Britain and discuss access for children, the unemployed, retired persons, prescription coverage, referrals to see specialists, and people with chronic conditions. Healthcare...

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