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Westjet Essay

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Project Proposal: WestJet Airlines

Group 6: Chris Emmons, Colin Sinclair, Mitali Julka, Navkiran Hundal.

The company in which Group 6 has chosen to pursue for the term project is WestJet Transportations. WestJet is also a low-cost Canadian air carrier that provides air transportation to over 80 destinations including Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and more.
WestJet is the second largest air carrier service in Canada. Another reason we chose WestJet as our business for the term project is because they just ...view middle of the document...

The information sources that Group 6 will be using consists of factual documents provided by the WestJet Airlines ltd report, World Market Intelligence, Flight International, and Airline Passenger, which are all found in the library of Okanagan College. The internet will also be another reliable source of information. If Group 6 finds any other unlisted resources we will be sure to list them in our references.
The names of the team members in Group 6 are Chris Emmons, who will be taking on managerial role of “leading”. Colin Sinclair is the teams “Organizer”, while Navkiran Hundal will be covering the concept of “Controller”, and last but not least, Mitali Julka will act as the team’s “Planner”. Chris Emmons chose the leading aspect because he has taken on many different types of leading in the past, and wants to continue leading in the future. Colin Sinclair has strong organizational skills which fit perfectly with his given task of being the team organizer. Navkiran Hundal is acting as the controller because her past experiences have shown her why it is important to have the appropriate amount of control in a business environment. Mitali Julka has the role of planning because her planning skills are accurate and realistic.

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