Western Sugar And Sex A Happy Ending

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Western Sugar and Sex - A Happy Ending
Tammy R. McCluskey
Monday, December 19, 2011
Anne Tindall

Western Sugar and Sex - A Happy Ending
Although Western Sugar Cooperative produces a sweet product, they seem to have a sour attitude concerning female promotion in the workplace. Western Sugar Cooperative, located in Denver, Colorado, has been charged with allegations of an unsweet and bitter relationship with its female employees causing a sticky situation not only for those it employs but also the community as well. Will Western Sugar be able to refine its working relationship with female workers in the community enabling a happy ending for all? To answer this question, the ...view middle of the document...

The systemic discrimination charges brought forth to the EEOC are a clear violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
The Western Sugar Cooperative denied all charges and allegations set for by Lorelei Kilker and women. An investigation was conducted by the EEOC and according to the EEOC (2011), “Western Sugar denied women training and promotions, gave them less desirable work assignments and segregated positions by gender, denied year-round employment, and paid lower wages to women at its Ft. Morgan, Colorado facility” (para. 2). To prevent a costly litigation, Western Sugar agreed to pay Lorelie Kilker and women a settlement in the amount of $550,000.
Another facet of the EEOC is to provide guidance in the prevention of discrimination through its educational and technical support. Western Sugar has resolved to take advantage of these prevention services. The EEOC (2011) press release article stated that, “Western Sugar agreed to remedial relief such as training for all employees, outreach to women organizations within the community and training managers on EEOC compliance – all in order to prevent sex-based discrimination and to ensure equality in its workplace. Western Sugar has also appointed an internal representative who will report to the EEOC to monitor Western Sugar’s promotion and employment practices for the next three years” (para. 4).
Did Western Sugar change its sour practices and comply with the sweet solution set forth by the EEOC? J. Blevins of the Denver Post wrote, “Nancy A. Sienko, director of the Denver Field Office, said: ‘We are pleased with the initiatives that Western Sugar has taken to ensure that female employees receive fair treatment and have the opportunity to advance within the company.’” (2011). Western Sugar was willing to resolve the charges and avoid litigation by taking a proactive stance on the allegations brought forth by Lorelei Kilker and women. It was for their quickness to resolve the matter that they received a pat on the back from Rayford Irvin, director of the EEOC’s Phoenix District Office.
As a result of this lawsuit, a positive change was set forth in the community of Denver, Colorado. Women will finally get the recognition for their hard work and loyalty from their employers. Lorelei Kilker stood up for her rights and the rights of the women in her community to receive fair treatment and equal opportunity in the workplace and made the statement that the women of the world will not be taken advantage of any longer. With the EEOC ruling in her favor, Western Sugar became an example to local employers that the women of Denver wanted the same rights afforded...

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