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Western Civil Essay

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Response Paper #1
The struggle between Religious power and political power has always been a great issue throughout history. In the early 1500’s and onward political power and religious power were indirectly tied together, meaning that Monarchies had a say in religious rules and views/laws, and religious officials had a say in political views/laws. This caused great issues because if you were condemned a heretic by a religious order, you were also considered a heretic by the state. Its issue’s like this that slowly lead to the dissolve or separation of religious and political powers.
A Prime example of the complication between the tie of these two powers was the excommunication of Martin ...view middle of the document...

A man by the name of Voltaire (1694-1778) used these ideals to argue against institutionalized religion. Voltaire who practiced deism which was the belief that there was a creator of some sorts, made the public aware of a religious affair known as the Calas Affair. Which was when a protestant father was accused of killing his son who was a catholic. The father was only accused because he was of the protestant religion, and the son actually committed suicide so the father was innocent. This Affair sparked Voltaire to write an essay to exonerate the father, but after being tortured for so long the father died only a few days after his release. Voltaire made the public aware of this affair and it started the argument for no state level religion. This was only one minor thing that occurred during the enlightenment but it made an impact on the secularization of religious power.
Another excellent example is the scientific revolution which actually occurred before the enlightenment, it actually helped sparked the enlightenment. One of the major things that occurred here was the idea that the earth was not the center of the universe like religious orders and Ptolemy believed. A man by the name of Copernicus said that the Ptolemy’s theory of geocentricism failed to explain the movement of heavenly bodies in the sky. So Copernicus came up with the heliocentric theory, which stated that the earth was not...

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