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To What Extent was The Untied States of America Prosperous and United in the 1920’s?
America was not prosperous or united during the 1920’s. Although there were reasons to show that The United States were prosperous during this time, there are stronger arguments and ‘harder’ evidence to show that most of population were neither prosperous nor united. These arguments are, the collapse of the American economy in the late 1920’s and the countries economical situation, prohibition and the truth in society a large part of this being racism.
There are signs of prosperity and unity in the 1920’s for the Americans; evidence of prosperity is that sales in radios went from 60,000 to 10,000,000 this ...view middle of the document...

Even before the economy collapsed there was not that much prosperity in America there was some people who were outstandingly wealthy and prosperous but there were shocking figures such as that 0.1% of the American population had the equivalent amount of money as the very bottom 42% of America, so one wealthy man had the same amount of money as four hundred and twenty poor men put together. This wasn’t the only shocking figure, in the 1920’s there were six million families living in poverty. There were divisions after the collapse of the economy leaving the country divided and most certainly not united. It was the poor who were jobless and living of scraps to provide for their families against the rich who had everything they needed even after they had been hit hard after the collapse. The farmers were the first to lose out the agriculture in America was worth ten billion dollars in the 1919 and was six billion dollars less by the 1923. Due to this massive loss jobs were cut, people were made redundant and they went into poverty. The great prosperous and united America was no longer prosperous nor united when money played its part during the 1920’s.
The introduction of prohibition was one that was not taken well by America during the 1920’s. The ‘experiment’ of prohibition back fired and failed, it caused more crime than there was when prohibition was introduced. The Women wanted alcohol banned and started the women’s temperance movement. The government also wanted to ban alcohol. Unsurprisingly sales in soft drinks hit the roof, companies like Coca-Cola made massive profits and there sales boomed during the 1920’s. This could have been viewed as an upside to prohibition, the down side was that gang crime increased dramatically, gangs brought alcohol in from the north and south to provide to American citizens, and example of this was Chicago were Alcapone organised gang crime to bring alcohol in to be sold the public. The alcohol brought in was called ‘Moon Shine,’ an unhealthy drink which in some cases caused blindness. The example of Chicago was an extreme one, Alcapone was in so much control of the city because of his strong hold provided by the alcohol he produced gave him the equivalent as the same amount of power as the mayor. He personally was responsible for the Valentine’s Day massacre. This shocking piece of evidence shows Alcapone’s control over the entire city and how important it was for him to have a personal stronghold on the alcohol production in Chicago. He shows his control of the city when he dresses his gang in police uniforms produced by the Chicago Police Department who he controlled so he could intercept ‘Bugs’ Mirrane’s gang who were doing an alcohol deal. His gang lined the entirety of Mirrane’s gang up against a wall, who thought they had been caught by police not a rival gang, and Alcapone ordered for Mirrane’s men to be killed and slaughtered, fourteen men were left dead. Prohibition, in Chicago alone, caused two...

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