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Well Essay

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ENTR4501 Mlnfo Case Jan. 11, 2013 Ziyu Zhou
1. Yes, he was so attracted to China. As a highly skilled person with experience in many parts of the world, he should have clear perception of the world's circumstance, he will know China is really a good and big market for him to show his ability and enthusiasm. Energetic as him, opening China can give him a new chance and potential things that will bring him success and reach to another acme.
2. The different parts are: Culture concepts (habit, ideology, not informal or egalitarian, internal policies, etc.), natural environment, regulation, ...view middle of the document...

Third, collecting information of high-tech industry in China find out the appropriate price of labor and resources in China and choose the best location to start since China is so big and has incredible regional gap.
4. (1) Find chance from small and specific things, be professional and concentrative.
(2) Understand cultures and environments then make the appropriate decision.
(3) Using both earlier experience and new things just appeared.
(4) Setting right approach to find the best people and put them in right positions.
(5) Learn from everything and everyone, and try to accept different things to join in the new environment.

Be quality-oriented and highly efficient, but also understanding customer's need.
(3) Make sure business models in different places are based on local situation, not by standard or past experience only. Using simple and straightforward business model first to occupy the market. Pay attention to both products and customer service.
(4) From smaller to bigger, step by step. Do what you want to do with your passion.
(5) Be innovative and sensitive to make change.
(6) Balance the relationship between each business role.
(7) Control the industry to get competitive advantages: buying, holding and selling.
(8) Quick money receive and save money, less adv fee.
(9) Sharing program, win-win: lower price for customer and more attention to company.
(10) Making the growth in the right time. Evaluate self.

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