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Weld Essay

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weld * Fusion Welding Principles:
* Base metal is melted
* Filler metal may be added
* Heat is supplied
* Weld Metal Protection
* During fusion welding, the molten metal in the weld ‘puddle’ is suceptable to oxidation
* Weld Fluxes
* SiO2, TiO2, FeO, MgO, Al2O3
* Produces a gaseous shield to prevent contamination
* Act as scavengers to reduce oxides
* Add alloying elements to weld
* Inert Gases
* Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, CO2
* Form a protective envelope around the weld area
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yacetylene can also be used for cutting metals
* Shieled Metal Arc (Stick)
* Electric arc generated between a coated electrode and the parent metal
* Process:
* Intense heat at arc melts electrode tip
* Tiny drops of metal enter the arc and are deposited into parent
* As metal is deposited, a slag forms over the bead
* Inert Gas Welding
* Al or Ti which quickly forms oxide laters, a method to place an inert atmosphere
* Uses a consumable electrode
* MIG Welding
* Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
* Tungsten acts as cathode
* Plasma produced between the tungsten cathode and the base metal which heats the electrode
* Weld Defects
* Overlaps/undercuts
* Grain growth
* Inclusions
* Impurities or foreign substances are forced into the weld
* Segregation
* Some areas are enriched with alloy and some are not
* Porosity
* Pinholes generated by atmosphere
* Residual Stresses
* Rapid heating and cooling results in thermal stresses detrimental to joint strength
* Prevention
* Edge Alignment
* Control of Heat Input
* Preheating
* Peeening
* Heat treatment
* Jigs and fixtures
* Number of passes

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