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Week1 Essay

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The Western experience

August 10th, 2015
Joel Getz

The Western Experience

The following is a journal entry about my life as a Native American that has been displaced from my home and forced to live in Oklahoma. I am a member of the Cherokee tribe. My tribe along with several other’s would soon find out that we would have to move from our land close to the Missippii river on the west side. Every since I can remember there had been talks of our tribe’s being relocated from our home’s to Oaklahoma. As early as 1804, the topic had been discussed of the removal of trive’s from the south eastern side of the Mississippi to the west side of the river. A large portion of our ...view middle of the document...

The expansion from removing us from our land would allow them to grow more crop’s, increase their wealth, they could continue the growth of their transportation and a variety of other thing’s that our land would help the already mostly wealthy settler’s would be able to grow wealthier and the less wealthier would also allow the middle- class would also allow for even more wealth as they could sell our land as parcels, rather then states. By selling our land in parcels rather then by states, more people could afford to move west. Although, we had always had problems with white settler’s, a man named Goerge Washington before Jackson tried to teach us to act more like white people and educate us by teaching us English and even though we were successful they still wanted us gone. They still tried to get rid of us by burning our homes down and so many other awful things ("History", 2015)..
Some government agencies such as, the U.S Supreme court tried to help us keep our lands and at least provide us with limited rights, along with what goerge Washington did and we even won a few law suits, but we had more against us then for us. Also, a lot of states tried to give us limited right’s and remove us from our land. Despite us winning a couple of cases we won, Jackson wanted us off of our property and would do...

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