Week 6 Team 531 Essay

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Professional Development Plan
Valeria Martinez
May 12, 2014
Michael Ventrone

The professional development plan for Team D was designed to give an overview of the member’s personality and leadership traits. Each team member was assessed by the DISC evaluation which conducts a chart that shows the team members characteristic. In the DISC assessment it outlines five key factors that sum up a person characteristics.
DISC Assessment Results and Strengths
According to the results given by the DISC assessment, Victoria Eaves and Valeria Martinez are said to have a “Steadiness Style or Go-Getter” trait. For those who show a high level of steadiness take a measure and steady ...view middle of the document...

They are organizers that can lead an entire group I one direction, which they also place a great value on time frames and seeing results.
DISC Assessment Weakness
Though each of the team members have a lot to contribute to the team from their results of their personality. There are several weaknesses they may have that can hold the team back from getting to the goals they need. For example, Valeria and Victoria are stable and predictable, this is due to the routine of not taking risks and the ability to be secure. However, when things change they need a period of time to adjust and an explanation of why the change is occurring. Though the steadiness style tends to be more passive and avoid conflicts they can hold grudges and resentments when they experience frustration. Most of the time they will strive for positive environments and relationships and can be especially sensitive when it comes to criticism. They are also known for to have very poor goal setting skills which can be difficult for the rest of the team. The team members who have a dominance trait have several weaknesses as well. Most of the time they tend to overstep authority and prefer to be in charge which can lead to a lot of arguments. Which brings more conflict into a situation since they are already augmentative by nature and are poor listeners which will not allow them to listen to reasoning of others. They tend to dislike reputation and routine and may ignore the details of a situation regardless of how important it may be. These forms of weaknesses can hurt the team because we need to have everyone be on the same page without any issues. The better the team can work together to come up with goals the better the team would end up.
Team D Development plan
Team D has individuals with both dominate and steadiness trait and based on the group evaluation it will be interesting to overview...

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