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A look at linear programming, using the simplex method

Earlier in the class we were introduced to linear programming and now we are going to introduce a different method using a more geometric version called the simplex method. First, I am going to have to explain theory of the simplex method and then we’ll explain the real world uses of this algebraic math
Ok, so earlier in the class we were introduced into liner equations and inequalities. With the simplex method we are going got look for what is called “The Optimum Solution”, but in order to find the ...view middle of the document...

I must say that the problem could sometimes result in a solution or it may also have no solution at all. Once we find that some of the test are confirmed with the simplex method and we come to the optimal solution the process itself stops. With this method we don’t have to consider that the amount of corner point will increase with the amount of variables, since we are only looking for the optimal solution.
In the text we are given many examples of what this simplex method of linear programming problems. As I have read throughout the chapters I see that the most probable applications of the simplex method are in computing all aspects of the business world that would have multiple variables and many different solutions to those variables. In business we need to find out all of the 5 W’s and in order to make the business more profitable we add in the known and the unknown and I think that is where formulas of equalities and inequalities come in to use. We have to take out the unknown so that the business can see the future and maximize the profit margin and minimize its cost. As in every form of business like banking, manufacturing and Agriculture we need to show profit so our business can last and grow. This is where the simplex method can work best by using variables and only going after the optimal solution.
Robert Harris

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