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Week 5 Assignment Business 600

544 words - 3 pages

The Impact of Workplace Bullying
Kelvin Crenshaw
BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools
Professor Eric Aguilar
December 17, 2014

Analysis of Article
The article in this week’s assignment delivers a spot on intuitive description of workplace bullying. According to Wiedmer (2011), “Workplace bullying is a pervasive practice by malicious individuals who seek power, control, domination and subjugation” (Wiedmer, 2011, para. 1). This is a very accurate description of the basic components of bullying. The article describes how the impacts of workplace bullying can be costly, disruptive and destructive to an organization.

The Impact of Workplace Bullying on the Victims and the Organization
Bullying can also be called psychological harassment or even violence. This type of repeated harassment often leads to the victim developing serious physiological disorders ...view middle of the document...

Forty-nine percent is a staggering number; however, I can believe that it is accurate. I have witnessed workplace bullying firsthand.

Witnessing Workplace Bullying
Once I worked in a small firm; the firm was very successful. The business consist of a large amount of employees whom just completed their undergraduate degrees. The atmosphere was very competitive. One of the managers was very deleterious and corrupt, she relentlessly taunted a particular employee that worked under her supervision. Ultimately the bullied victim had to be hospitalized for depression and dehydration. It was very sad to see, everyone who witnessed this terrible display of bullying felt helpless. The incident occurred at a time when bullying was not dealt with in a corporate setting. In retrospect this situation had some of the ‘DNA’ of Wiedmer’s components of workplace bullying. The perpetrator was a boss and the victim was a women (2012). Bullying in the workplace should never be tolerated, it can cause serious ramifications to the victim(s) and to the company.

Techniques to Stop Workplace Bullying
Wiedmer says “To stop bullying in the workplace requires time, input, policy changes, and a company culture that does not tolerate bullies” (2012, p. 38, para. 2). This is the ultimate solution. If organizations implement stern messages to their employees during orientation, that bullying will not be tolerated, it would curb the practice almost immediately. Workplace bullying as well as bullying itself should be a crime. The crime should warrant felony charges and convictions, as it is affecting many Americans.


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