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Week 4 Simulation Relation Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Simulation Review

Complete a simulation and then write a paper that analyzes the decisions you made. You are in charge of fictitious health care organization facing financial difficulties. In the simulation, you will complete the following tasks:

Bridge a working capital shortage.
Evaluate funding options for acquiring medical equipment.
Evaluate funding options for capital expansion.

Part I below explains how to successfully complete the simulation and prepare for writing the paper. Part II explains the paper requirements.

Part I

Complete the following tasks before beginning the simulation:

Save this document to your desktop. You will need to reference it as you complete the simulation.
Print this document before beginning the ...view middle of the document...

Once you begin the simulation, you may not be able to access your desktop or other applications without ending the simulation. To end the simulation, click on the exit icon ( ), shown in the upper-right side of the screen.

The decision-making portion of the simulation begins on the page displayed here:


Once you begin the decision-making portion of the simulation, you are not permitted to go back without starting over. Consider taking notes on information pertinent to the paper assignment as you complete each phase of the simulation.

Click the information icon ( ), located in the upper-left side of the simulation to view each phase’s objectives and instructions.
Click on the help icon ( ), located in the upper-right side of the simulation to view tips on how to use various simulation features.

Part II

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing and analyzing the decisions you made in the simulation. Answer the following questions:

Phase I: Capital Shortage

Which cost-cutting options did you select? Why?
Which loan option did you select? Why?
What was the outcome of your decision?

Phase II: Funding Options for Equipment Acquisition

Which cost-effective equipment selections did you make? Why?
What was the outcome of your decision?

Phase III: Funding Options for Capital Expansion

Which source of funding did you select? Why?
What was the outcome of your selection?

Summary and Conclusions

What did you learn from this simulation?
What would you do differently if you performed the simulation again?
How will you apply what you learned at your current or future job?

Support your ideas, analysis, and conclusions with references to scholarly external sources, such as the textbook and journal articles.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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