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Week 4 Memo Essay

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Week 4 Memo

Project Controls
CMGT - 410
July 9th, 2012

CMGT410 Week 4 Individual Assignment
SUBJECT: Project Controls
DATE: 07/09/2012



As we all know, the company offsite 2-day training session project is about ready to enter the execution phase. With that being said, there are many concerns regarding the history of project steering off track and inevitably going over budget, ...view middle of the document...

One way to re-assure the timely completion is by reporting progress and completion of tasks. The project team has set a baseline and submitted it to the upper management for approval and review. Updates and informal reports will be disbursed accordingly as items are competed successfully. If any issues arise, whether planned or unplanned, reports will be sent out informing upper management of the issue along with a solution on solving it. Project change forms will be used if the issue requires additional resources or adjustments to the project scope.
Project Quality Evaluation

The project manager along with his team will evaluate the team performance as a whole during the completion of each project phase. The project team will define expectations, define problems and determine what is needed to rectify the problems, and determine if any of the phases need adjustments. Periodic team evaluations will be conducted to assess the team performance. This will be done by using evaluation forms that will be created using the project objective and goals.
Change Control

Any and all changes require the proper change control process....

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