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The Chilean mine disaster of 2010 was one of the most riveting stories of the year. Most of this was due to the fact officials worked quickly and effectively in providing necessary supplies to the trapped miners. They put a plan in place and implemented it as needed. They made sure they allowed for open communication between, the miners, families, employees of the company and media at large. Therefore, communications between parties was consistent and ...view middle of the document...

It is most important to convey the government was concerned first and foremost about the well-being of the miners. Furthermore, they they’d work diligently to provide the tools necessary to free the miners and maintain the health and well being of those men while they were waiting to be rescued. Previous similar incidents throughout history, did not paint a positive picture in providing a moral booster that all the miners would be rescued alive. The stats were definitely not in their favor. However, it was apparent through the way messages were conveyed, those involved were not willing to yield to the stats. They continued to remain upbeat and positive; they continued to reassure the miners, families and general public that it was possible to free all the men alive.
Therefore, leading to my last points, in order to communicate effectively, regardless of audience, we must evaluate, who we’re speaking to, what they need to know, empathize with them and determine the best tone in which to deliver this message. Once the message is delivered, it’s important to perhaps observe the responses of the audience and perhaps come back with a follow-up message. Something reiterating the original message to ensure too much doesn’t get lost in translation.

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