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Week 3 Lt Reflection Essay

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The discussions of Team display the importance of a leader’s recognition and understanding of the various types of influences that affect employee’s behavior. Some influences include perceptions, attitudes, emotions, job satisfaction, and motivation. Another topic of discussion is regarding company failures, management’s contribution to the failure, and the importance of ethical responsibility and actions.

Week Three Weekly Reflections Paper
This week, Team discusses factors that influence individual’s behavior. The discussion covers the reasons leadership should recognize various types influences. Another topic of discussion is regarding the assignment for the week that ...view middle of the document...

72). Well rounded leaders can produce a high level of job satisfaction by providing mentally challenge work, equitable rewards, supportive working conditions, and supportive colleges rewarding, mentally challenging his workers.
Team A discusses the importance of a leader’s awareness of how emotions affect worker’s behaviors. Keeping in tune with the leader’s own emotions, the leader may gauge internally how his or her emotions are affecting his or her behaviors. The same is true for a leader to understand how a worker’s emotions are affection the worker’s behaviors.
Job Satisfaction
Social identity
The social identity is characterized by a person feeling accepted and included among his or her peers. This builds trust among coworkers and a sense of belonging to a support system.
Team A explains that not all workers desire duties that are challenging. Leaders are should refrain from hiring such a person. The employees who desire challenging duties are worth a leader’s commitment to satisfy that need. A challenged worker gains a sense of worth and responsibility. The worker is more engaged when leaders show they value the worker’s ability to accomplish challenging goals (Robbins & Judge, p. 1, 2011).
Employees value the support they receive from their leaders and the company. Support from the company enables the employee to perform better and accomplish objectives.
Employees also value having a voice in matters pertaining to their duties, responsibilities, goals, and outcomes. Accountability builds as employees perform in a manner that is guided by their own...

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