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Week 2 Individual Paper Information Use

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Week 2- Individual Paper
November 25, 2013

Week 2: Individual Paper
In order to produce results, information must be communicated and shared amongst an organization. This information can be shared in various ways such as verbal and technical communications. Information within an organization is used to comprehend the importance of the input and outputs of the business processes in such ways as collaborations of ideas, sharing of concepts, rules, regulations, and business processes. Every organization has data, files, business, and personal records. Organizations have become more reliant on technology. With this reliance comes a sense of dependence on technology for daily ...view middle of the document...

This information was organized using a client/matter number sequence that distinguished the different clients the firm was representing, this allowed for tracking of the information shared. The document management system was integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite. Within the attorney’s Outlook, the attorney would click on the selected containers called Workspaces (similar to Outlook folders) and select the appropriate client/matter workspace to store documents and emails that pertained to that client. The workspaces were also secured. The document management system would assign ethical wall restrictions to those who were not involved in the case. Therefore, the attorneys that were not working on the case would not be able to search or access the workspace. I learned very quickly how important it is for the legal environment to secure their clients information because these clients that our firm represented were million dollar companies and the information was very confidential.
From small businesses to large-scale firms, no matter the size, the sharing of information...

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