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Week 1 Paper

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Week 1 Paper
Making decisions is a process one takes in life almost every day. We get up in the morning and decide what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, if we will stop at the corner store for coffee or maybe wait until we get to work for coffee. We make so many decisions we don’t even realize that we are going through a decision making process. In the year 2007, I had to make a decision whether or not to accept a job offer or continue working at my current job.
Without even realizing, I took the first step in the decision making process described in our text. Identifying and diagnosing the problem. When a friend of mine emailed me and informed me that a position in ...view middle of the document...

My problem of a mundane job that was far from home could be eliminated if I received a job offer from the company my friend worked for.
Once I completed and submitted the job application for the Human Resources Assistant position at the new company, I began to utilize the second step of the decision making process. If I were accepted for this position what would I need to do differently in my day to day work week? My children attended a school that was in the direct path to my current job but out of the way to the job I was applying for. My first thought was that I would need to wake up forty-five minutes earlier to drop my children off and head to the potential new job. I then decided that if I did get the new position I would enroll my children at the school close to home when the new semester began. This alternative to what my family was doing currently would work out better since the public school had an after school program they could attend until I picked them up. This alternative solution was a better alternative as it was close to home and the price of the after school program was less than the after school program they currently attended.
The final step in the decision making process was an easy one for me to make. I was offered the position and had already evaluated what my options and choices were before I had even interviewed with my new company. Making the choice to accept the job was an easy one and I accepted with no feelings that I may be making the wrong decision. I am pleased to say it was the right choice for me and my family.

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