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Webex Essay

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Capabilities for small-medium businesses

• Minimal charge of $19 per meeting

• Free trail for 14 days

• By offering users the ability to share real-time video in WebEx meetings using inexpensive desktop videocams, The real-time video is completely firewall-friendly.
• All the technologies are available at cheaper rate. These include :

➢ Telepresence : For small and medium-sized businesses, Cisco TelePresence is designed for organizations getting started with telepresence while maintaining what our larger customers can't live without: a high-quality experience that's easy to use. It's superior to the competition in its ability to save our customers time and ...view middle of the document...


o WebEx Meeting Center : WebEx Meeting Center offers modern solutions for handling business in today’s world, where the average business person or individual is as likely to have business contacts on the other side of the globe as he is right in his neighborhood. With the technological power to make it easy and cost effective to conduct business at a distance, 

o WebEx Support center : With the WebEx Support Center system, quality support becomes much easier to provide, whether dealing with a local network or with a team or set of clients spread throughout the world

How Useful Is WebEx ?

All-in-one, Web-based, firewall-friendly communications
WebEx is unique in its ability to provide Web-based, integrated data, voice and video, which gives users the ability to share presentations, share documents, co-browse the Web, share applications, remotely control applications and desktops, utilize integrated teleconferencing and/or Voice Over IP, and display real-time video.

Comprehensive review of any printable document, with full image, font and color integrity
Any printable document can be shared in a WebEx meeting, including CAD drawings, blueprints, network diagrams, and more.WebEx's vector-based imaging ensures high fidelity image quality for presentations and documents, with retention of the original fonts and colors.

High-resolution, low bandwidth, full-screen sharing of presentations and documents

Fully interactive, cross-platform application sharing and on-the-fly file transfer
WebEx's File transfer capability complements application sharing. At any point in a WebEx meeting, the presenter can transfer files to any meeting attendee(s). Thus, a software developer who's just previewed a new version of code to her colleagues in a WebEx meeting, can distribute the revised file to all attendees before the conclusion of the meeting.

Permission-based desktop remote control
WebEx enables a user to give permission for a technical support representative to take control of his/her desktop in order to
diagnose and fix a problem, either with a software application or with system settings. The result is faster problem resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Completely spontaneous presenter delegation
With WebEx, any attendee can instantly be designated as the presenter. Presenter privileges do not have to be determined at the start of the meeting, as is the case with most competitive offerings. At any point in a meeting, the presenter can pass presenter control with one click of the mouse. This is especially useful for colleagues in separate locations who may be jointly presenting material to an important customer or when members of a geographically-distributed project team meet to review the results of each person's assignments.

Secure real-time, transient data exchange
WebEx does not require that presenters upload their presentations to WebEx servers in advance.
With WebEx, conversion of the...

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