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Web Site Publication Process Essay

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Web Site Publishing Process
Mario Padilla
September 3, 2011
University of Phoenix/Axia College

Web Site Publishing Process
Today there are many ways to publish your website, which should be evaluated according to what you want to communicate on the Internet.
What we published is one of the first questions to be asked. We want to publish a personal website, professional, a blog, audio or otherwise. This election will define our initial publication, which is why we must be very sure and plan as much as possible. The type of site we post will play a main objective which we must be clearly delineated before doing anything.
Then how the public. This takes into ...view middle of the document...

Do you know what country your site is hosted? Are you sure that the website must be hosted in that country? (Considering that affects the server location)

6. Is my hosting provider reliable? What is their uptime percentage? What are the load times on average? How many sites are hosted on the same IP?

7. My website is well coded? Is cross-browser? Have I ensured that my pages do not contain broken HTML that can affect the analysis of the site?

8. Have I developed my web site using friendly technologies to the search engines? Can users access the site without using Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript / AJAX applets, Java, frames, etc.?

9. Is my menu visible from every page and has evolved into HTML so that search engines can find the rest of the pages?

10. My site is easy to trace? What should I do to provide text links to all pages of my site?

11. What do I properly use meta robots tags?

12. Do I make sure not to use HTTP redirects unnecessary or incorrect?

13. Do I redirect non-www version of my website www version or vice versa?

14. What is the load time of my site? Have I done everything possible to reduce it?

15. Am I sure I do not have "backdoors"?

Web hosting is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via...

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