Weapons Of Ancient Celtic Essay

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The Weapons of the Ancient Celtic People

The Celts are warlike people. They are considered barbarians, and they are
being feared by other European cultures because of their fierceness and tenacity when
engaging in a battle. They have fought a number of famous battles that have been recorded in history. They won numerous battles because they used different weapons against their enemies. Body and mind, equipment such as the sword and enchantments are some of the weapons they have used to gain victory.

The early typical Celtic warriors are fearsome warriors because some do not fight with any armor of any kind. They use their body as a weapon, but it is not similar to karate ...view middle of the document...

Then, they attacked the enemy and defeated them. When her army was losing, she committed suicide by taking poison because she knew that the Romans wanted her alive. Although she failed in her quest, her intelligence and courage were never forgotten.

Different sorts of weaponries are also used by the Celts to attack and defend their places. Strabo, a historian, claims, ``The war-gear corresponds in size to the size of their bodies" (Freeman, 11). It includes a long sword, an oblong shield, a dimensional spear and sometimes bows and slings. Some claims that the sword is constructed from cast bronze with a hammered edge providing a sharp and hardened cutting blade. The leaf shaped blade incorporates a handle plate with rivet holes. Bronze rivets are used to attach a shaped handle of wood or bone. The shape of the blade provides a sharp point for piercing thrusts and a sharp curved edge for slicing at opponents. These weapons are considered valuable to these people. For the Tuatha de Danann, swords and spears are prestige treasures because when they landed in Ireland, they brought a sword from Gorias and a spear of victory from Finias. Another example is Manannan’s sword, the Freagarthach, which is a powerful tool because no one survives when he is strucked off by this sword. They also use two-horse chariots. Training and breeding horses are one of their strengths. The Celtic chariot is a simple and light construction for the charioteer and a fighting companion to attack and retreat. Two small ponies are harnessed to an axle and framework supporting it. The surrounding construction provides a little protection and a secure location to hold onto. At the end of war, the Celts would attach the heads of their enemies to a fence or pole near their houses. They believe that the possession of an enemy’s head is a prestigious conquest for any Celtic warrior. They preserve the heads of their honorable enemies with cedar oils. This is an important point as we see that today’s tank and cannon must all have been derived from the chariot and sword. Furthermore, the preservation of a body with the use of a certain chemical is also a derivation from the preservation of heads using cedar oils.

Enchantments are...

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