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“We Fight For Democracy And Justice”

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After a historic election in 2001, Thaksin was the first democratically elected prime minister of Thailand to complete a full term in office and his rule is generally agreed to have been one of the most distinctive in the country's modern history. At the time, some academics called it the most open, corruption-free election in Thai history. Thai Rak Thai won 248 parliamentary seats. Not only that, he got re-elected and back in position again in 2005, winning 374 out of 500 seats in the Parliament. The election had been recorded as the highest voter turnout in Thai history. That means that the people of Thailand approved him democratically. And it’s the ...view middle of the document...

They even attack on the public social network such as Facebook. These practices drifted Thailand far away from democracy, liberty, justice and human rights. These practices were not democracy. These were unmistakably an act of tyranny, dictatorship, and fascism and of course these are the process to impede the democracy. According to Jatuporn Prompan, Thai politician and activist of Red Shirts said that from the coup d’état, more people from all levels of society have become Red Shirt supporters because they see the injustice occurred and the importance of fighting for true democratic rules and justice. All the corruption cases that against Thaksin, such as the seizing of Thaksin’s assets that worth 46 billion Thai baht, were imputed because of the coup d’état. The accusations against him were not democratic at all. They were done by the military in charge and therefore I don’t believe that Thaksin is guilty of those accusations. If someone wants to find him guilty of something, file him against the guilty based on democratic code of law not a code that was written by soldiers or military with guns standing behind. In the late 2007, when the first general election was held since the military coup in previous year, the People’s Power Party has won the election overwhelmingly, receiving 310 votes against 163 of the Democrat Party. Samak, the then party's leader, was elected as a prime minister. But not long after, in July 2008, Samak Sundaravej's 5-month-old government was in great trouble and was forced to resign from the premiership only because of Samak is running two cooking shows on television, which are Chim Pai Bon Pai and Yok Khayong Hok Mong Chao. Also, the People’s Power Party was accused of vote buying. Looking through the surface, this case maybe done democratically, but actually, there’s a general who stand behind the scene with their guns and tanks telling the court to pass the decision against the party. The military that want to overthrew a democratically elected leader away. And this is definitely non-democracy. There was a time during that period that Mr. Abhisit and Democrats Party came to power by the ballot of people in the House of Representatives. On the surface, this maybe sounds democratic when the Members of Parliament vote for the prime minister but really this’s abusing democracy. Those Members of Parliament and those smaller parties were scared by the military. The situation forced them to take the Democrats side. It’s all about tyranny with the soldiers behind the scene. We want the government that is democratically elected by the people not the military appointed. We want the government that comes from real people and that will do things for the people. That’s why we marched. That’s why we raise a protest to fight for the freedom and equality of ordinary citizens. In 2010, when the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), also known as Red Shirts, marched from the village in Korat down to Ayutthaya and...

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