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We Are Killing Us Essay

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We are killing us
I believe that one day human will not be able to live on earth anymore. Look all around the world, every country is trying their best to develop their industries in every area. They take natures away replace with artificial things, statistics shows that we cut down forty seven hundred trees everyday, think about it, isn’t that horrible? There are a lot more environmental problems, each one of them is a threat of our ...view middle of the document...

Some people blame it to those industrialists, people who are blaming didn’t aware that they are all beneficiaries of those industry’s products. And also they take a part of the blame. Every car we are driving, every refrigerator, every air conditioner, none of them are doing anything good about the environment. Same as other damages, we condemn people who cut trees but meanwhile we are using instant chopsticks all the time, we ask for a bag in supermarket, “It’s just one bag, not a big deal, if I don’t take it someone else will take it anyway” that’s the common excuse we find for ourself. The pollution is not the worst, the worst is we all know what we are doing is damaging to earth but we are using all kinds of excuses to excuse ourselves, and never make a change.
Look back the first sentence in the first paragraph, I said “I believe that one day human will not be able to live on earth anymore.” no additional conditions that’s what I believe, although there are tons of way to avoid it happen but we won’t do anything until the day it eventually disturbs our life. For me, that’s human nature.

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