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‘The shortage of fresh water in the world is becoming a major challenge. What are the cause and effects of this situation? What solutions can be used to help address this problem? Describe the problem and discuss its different causes and effects. Give examples of solutions already used and possible future solutions.’

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World shortage of fresh water

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There are several reasons for the lack of fresh water. In the world one cause of this is global warming. The climate is become more and more changeable and finally results in drought, no rain or very little rain. Furthermore, unequal rainfall distribution, which means the water do not drop in the right place. For example, in July there was a flood in the south of China when the north was suffering from a strong drought. Another reason for this is the sharp growth in population. There is a great demand for fresh water and increased water consumption.”The global demand for water is now doubling every 21 years.”(Sustainable World, 2003:4) What is worse, there is no resource which can take the place of water. The final reason is water waste and pollution. According to research the global water were used mainly in three areas: irrigation, household, and industry. The scientist believes that the consumption of water in these three areas will expand over 50 per cent in the next 20 years.” Moreover, the water is not clean. In developed or developing countries, the more they developed the greater industry they have, and the majority of factories pour the unclean water directly into rivers and lakes, which do much damage to the ecological environment and affect the lives of people.

According to the cause of water shortage above, one effect of this is farming, because of lack of water, amount of crops may die. As a result, the food production cut down. A further problem is that the prediction about food. “By 2025, the world will lose 350 million metric tons of food annually.”(The International Food Policy Research Institute, 2003: 26) Another impact of this is that not enough water may lead to the water war. For example, India and Pakistan have been fought about a river for many years. This has resulted in diseases and affect daily life, as there is not enough water, some vegetables and crops can’t be planted so that influences on a person’s growth. When children drink unclean water, they may suffer from diseases; most of them can’t fight their diseases, and could die. “Sanitation in water deprived areas is poor and preventable water related diseases in these areas kill an...

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