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Water Crisis Essay

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Global Water Crisis: What is the Prognosis

Global Water Crisis: What is the Prognosis
While the world has struggled with oil, globalization, and strife, the new crisis that is being increasingly important is the health and capacity of the water supply. Taken for granted, the rising population primarily in developing countries along with the declining freshwater reserves will lead to conflict. In addition there is the issue of climate change, the anthropological effect and how the hydrological cycle suffers because of it. And the supply of trade and food will also be increasingly fragile when the health of ocean ecosystems and its marine life is consistently threatened.
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“Groundwater and soil moisture collectively account for over 98% of the available global freshwater resources” (World Bank Document, p. 47). This large of a percentage on how populations gather their water supply means there is a greater importance on how it is maintained with a conservation mindset.
Water usage has always been important in the world’s developing populations, but with rapidly increasing numbers that have been estimated lately, it is no surprise that the issue is beginning to magnify. In poorer countries the water supply simply isn’t just a matter of quantity, but quality as well. “Some 2 billion people, a third of the world’s population, live in countries with insufficient fresh water” (Cunningham, p. 372). Developing countries have been scientifically known to rapidly consume natural resources as their most basic means of profit. The deadly cycle of insufficient progress, poor education, and health by drinking unsafe water keeps populations in a grounded poverty. “The time spent fetching water (and often firewood, as well) detracts from education, household chores, and income-producing enterprises” (Cunningham, p. 381). People do not have a choice as to whether their water is sanitary or not as well. The cost of establishing a clean water supply as well as creating a system where water is nearby is simply unattainable for poor countries. The citizens are helpless in the face of no progress and an increasing population in contrast to developed countries. “Water use is stabilizing in industrialized countries, but demand will increase in developing countries where supplies are available” (Cunningham, p. 379).
The global climate change that is so controversial to the public is a very real thing. And its effect is very important to the water in the world. “The intergovernmental panel on climate change has concluded that there is increasing evidence that the earth’s climate is changing and at an unprecedented rate” (World Bank Document, p. 33). It has been stated by scientific evidence numerous times how the human species has a profound effect on it. Fossils fuels and the dependence on it as well as industrialization have brought the world to a point of fragility. Once unaware of greenhouse gases, the scary fact is how much humans have contributed to the atmosphere. “According to the IPCC, most of the observed increase in global temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations” (World Bank Document, p. 33). And this not only affects weather, but the hydrological cycle, water reserves, and agriculture as well. The greatest sink of water is currently agriculture. The amount of water to produce food for a day dwarfs the amount of water a person uses. This is important as it relates to the increasing human population and how agriculture will stand up in the face of a changing, warming climate.
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