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Water Biiling System Essay

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In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements in the Subject
For the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Submitted by:
Cristopher Jay Castro
Gellyn Victorio
Milady Delos Santos


Water is essential in human living. It gives us energy everyday to do our daily tasks. According to Science, human beings can survive up to two weeks or even a month without food but cannot without water.
Many projects had been proposed in order to get clean water such as deep-well; water pumps and etc., until water companies came wherein clean water ...view middle of the document...

What are the problems encountered in using the existing system of the company?
2. Can the proposed system be able to solve the problems encountered by the users in the existing system?
3. How may the proposed system be related and described based on the following phases of developing a System?
4.1 Software Planning;
4.2 Software Analysis;
4.3 Software Design;
4.4 Software Coding;
4.5 Software Testing;
4.6 Software Integration;
4.7 Software Implementation;
4.8 Software Maintenance
4. How do the respondents evaluate the proposed system based on the following characteristics?
5.9 Accuracy
5.10 Economically
5.11 Maintainability
5.12 Functionality
5.13 Reliability
5.14 Speed/Portability
5.15 Efficiency
5.16 User Friendly

5. What are the advantages of using an “Online Water Billing and Customer Application System with SMS”?

Hypothesis of the Study
There is no significant difference among the assessment of the sets of respondent in Online Water Billing and Application System with SMS.

Conceptual Framework of the Study
Existing System Of San Isidro Water Company (WASSER)

Customer Information and
Meter Reading

The proposed system is a solution to comply with the over use of paper and delays in receiving customer bills. This will result to conservation of paper trees and avoidance of delays. This will also lessened the charges the customers are paying for the cost of printing their bills.




Online Water Billing System with SMS

Figure 1
The Existing System
Objectives of the Study
The proposed study aims to develop a Web Portal for San Isidro Water District with SMS. This will help the company in their transactions such as in adding new customer, billing and payment processes as well as in updating database.
Specifically, this study aims to:
1. Develop an online billing system using the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
2. Develop an Online Billing system with user-friendly design that will help the user to easily understand the flow of the system which can result to performing the transactions with ease.
3. Test and evaluate the developed billing system using ISO9126.
4. Show the good qualities of the proposed over the existing system.

Significance of the Study
This study about water billing system aims to benefit the following:
1. Customers. The proposed system will benefit the customers by avoiding the delays of receiving their bills. They can also be assured accurate bills.
2. Administrator. Administrator is one of the beneficiaries of the proposed system because this can help him to make the application of the new customers and computation of their bills easier.
3. Company. The company will be...

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