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Title: Specific Heat of a Metal
Purposes: Be able to measure specific heat. Be able to use a calorimeter correctly. Be able to find and measure the specific heat of a metal. Calculate the change in water temperature.
Hypothesis: The specific heat of the metal sample (lead) will be very low.
Safety: goggles, apron, hair restraints, Bunsen burner, heated water, harmful metals, breakable glass containers
Materials: goggles and apron, beaker (250 mL or 400 mL) , hot plate/burner with ring stand, ring, and wire gauze, test tube(18 x 150 mm), plastic foam cup, thermometer, balance
1. Put on goggles and apron.
2. Fill beaker half way with water. Put beaker on ring stand with wire gauze. Heat beaker with water to boiling point.
3. Fill test tube half way with metal
4. Put a weight boat on the balance. Pour metal from test tube into the weight boat. Record weight and pour metal back into test ...view middle of the document...

Let metal dry on paper towel.
13. Repeat the procedures if time permits. Return the metals to the teacher.
Raw Data/ Observations Table(s):
Mass Data | Temperature Data |
Material | Mass | Material | Temperature |
Metal | 104.89 grams | Metal | 97.3 degrees Celsius |
Foam Cup | | Water in cup | 20.3 degrees Celsius |
Foam Cup + water | 170.54 grams | Water in cup after metal was added | 21.8 degrees Celsius |

1. Calculate the mass of water in the foam cup.

2. Calculate the temperature change of the water in the cup.

3. Calculate the heat gained by the water using the equation in the introduction.

4. Calculate the specific heat of the metal using the answer from #3 and the equation in the introduction.

5. Calculate the percent error for the specific heat of the metal that you used. The theoretical values are Al= 0.89 J/g degrees Celsius; Pb= 0.13 J/g degrees Celsius; Ni= 0.44 J/g degrees Celsius.

Results/ Discussion:
Specific heat is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of the substance one Celsius degree. A calorimeter is a tool to measure specific heat. Heat gained by the water can be found by multiplying the mass of water by the change in temperature and by the specific heat of water. The specific heat of the metal can be found by dividing the heat gained by the water by the mass of metal multiplied by the delta T of the metal.
To be able to find the mass of the water in the cup and the temperature change of the water in cup; the mass of the metal and foam cup and water must be taken. Also the temperature of the metal, water in cup, and water in cup after metal was added. After all the data is collected, use the equations to figure out the mass of the water in the cup and the temperature change of the water in the cup.
My calculations supported my hypothesis well. After the steps were done to get the specific heat, my answer was .127 J/g degrees Celsius. The metal that I used was lead which has an actual specific heat of .13 J/g degrees Celsius. My percentage error was 2.4 %, meaning that there were few errors taken inside this lab.

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