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Warehouses Essay

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Conflict, Decision Making, & Organizational Design

To apply negotiation strategies to potential workplace conflicts we must first examine

and understand exactly what negotiation is. Negotiation in itself is a dialogue between two or

more people or parties, intended to reach an understanding, resolve point of difference, or gain

advantage in outcome of dialogue, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain

for individual or collective advantage, to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests of two

people/parties involved in negotiation process (Buel, 2007). Following the pertinent information

below would be beneficial in applying negotiation ...view middle of the document...

The next step to examine is what type of conflict will we face?

There are basically two types of conflict situations we may encounter in a negotiation. Conflicts

can present themselves singularly, or may be a mixture of the two. It is vital that the negotiator

carefully analyze the conflict issues, both individually and collectively, to fully appreciate the

unique challenges they present. The first form of conflict might simply be called agreement

conflict, where one persons views or position are in conflict with another individual, or members

of a group. This is a situation that takes into account their conflicting views relating to opinions,

beliefs, values and ideology. For example, two executives may have different views about

whether a policy should be implemented. Another example may consist of a trade dispute

between two countries, and entail ideological or religious based differences. Or, the conservative

viewpoints of management might conflict with the more left wing approach of union leaders.

The second form of conflict entails the allocation of resources like money, quantity, and

production. Any physical commodity will fall into this category of conflict.

Conflict, Decision Making, & Organizational Design 5

Other issues might entail the allocation of resources, as a separate segment of the trade dispute.

Resource issues though, are more tangible as they comprise knowable items, or particular

products. One blaring example occurs...

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