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War On Terrorism Essay

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Jonathan Abreu
Monday 6:00pm – 10:45pm

Unit 5 Assignment 1: Genre Essay- Proposal Draft

Terrorisms have been part of our lives for a long time. In recent years terrorist attacks have sky rocketed due to governmental and religious disputes. Terrorism comes in different ways such as murder, kidnaping, hijacking and bombings. Terrorism like its own word describes terrorizes by interrupting the peace and our security by the use of political and religious attacks.
Terrorism has become the number one choice to probe governmental and religious opposition to those who oppose the cause or believe of certain groups. Some of these terrorist ...view middle of the document...

We receive treat on a daily bases now a days, therefore counter terrorism has to be at the top of the game. In a time where every nation is connected with each other, protecting our assets has become much greater. (Cordesman, Par 1) because of the importance of protecting these assets, most countries have special units working around the clock handle ling threats. They also have agencies and tactical units directly engaging terrorism and trying to prevent attacks. In the United States the majority of counter-terrorism operations are conducted by the FBI and CIA. (Cordesman, Par 2)
Terrorism has become part of our life, we turn in the news and there are threats of an attack almost every day. Even though not all threat happen, we as people should not fear, and we should all come together and fight. Fight for the right to live free because too many innocent people die a year. No bible or holy book says we should take a life for a belief. We cannot let terrorism prevail. (Terrorism, 18Aug 2014)

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