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War Culture Essay

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War culture, while not heavily discussed in media or amongst politics today, is hiding right under our noses—and thriving. War culture has evolved so rapidly and widely it has managed to have a profound effect on everyday life influencing media, pop culture and even constitutional crises due in large part to the culture of fear it creates. In recent times war has been used as a way to secure foreign oil and fulfill other political agendas that don’t necessarily benefit the majority of our nation. War, once considered a last resort, is now a go to tactic. It has become so commonplace it’s quietly become a big part of our lives that we never really notice. War culture is almost subtle, one ...view middle of the document...

It’s an attempt to make an example out of those who question the government.
While America wants to make an example out of its own civilians who question the law and jeopardize the authenticity of their patriotism, it also wants to instill a (false) sense of security in its people. In The American Way of War by Eugene Jerecki, the Patriot Act is analyzed in such a way to expose its unconstitutional flaws. After the 9/11 attacks the government made it a point to create a sense a fear of terrorism in the general public. . The Bush Doctrine was created under the Bush Administration and it it essentially allowed for America’s military to attack a country that did not attack America first. The justification for this attack was that there was an imminent threat and there needed to be action taken before action was taken against America first. This was otherwise known as the preemptive strike. Jerecki claims that this would “prove to be the most radical expansion of American foreign policy” (226). After achieving this goal, it decided to draft an act that would essentially violate basic constitutional rights and invade the privacy of millions of civilians without their consent or knowledge. Not only did the Patriot Act allow for military surveillance and intelligence reconnaissance tactics used on the public but it challenged the checks and balance system of the government.
The US Government worked tirelessly to convince the public that there was something to be feared in Iraq despite Iraq not having been involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. One such tactic the government used to instill a desire for war amongst its people was the act of “stovepiping.” Stovepiping was a process “by which Bush administration officials provided raw intelligence from the field directly to high level officials bypassing vital filters” (227). What stovepiping did was allow for the government to create made up intelligence and promote it to the general public as reasons why the war and invasion of Iraq was necessary. The government tricked American people into thinking the threat from Iraq was greater than it actually was by exaggerating...

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